Bloom where you're planted!
There are numerous posts at UBB.Central of users asking how they can add a logo to the top of their forums. Its just something basic to make your forum your own, and the code is fairly straight forward too!

Our goal here is to display your logo as a responsive bit of code to retain mobile capability on your forums (by utilizing the CSS "max-width" property). This code will work with any style, and you can insert the CSS coding in your "Extra CSS" section of your existing styles(minus tags), or within the "Header Insert" section of the HTML Includes area of the Control Panel.

When we're done you should end up with something similar to below on a Desktop:
XX header logo XX

And below on a mobile device:
XX header logo XX

Its all quite simple, our logo is displayed with the following CSS:

And this header block:

Simply adjust our HTML to insert your URL, logo location, and our CSS to match the width of your logo (take care not to adjust the "max-width" line, as this will allow browsers to resize the image according to the width of the browser).